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Pedagogic research


St Mary's members

Pedagogy in Higher Education: a critical review

Edited by Christine Edwards-Leis and Mark Price (St Mary’s University, Institute of Education).

Foreword by Maria Svensson (University of Gothenburg).

In this collection, contributors from a variety of disciplines at St Mary’s University as well as Germany, United States of America, and Zimbabwe provide a critical context for the exploration of the complex ways that pedagogy impacts the stakeholders of universities. 

The authors present a critique of the way they meet the challenge of engaging learners, across all levels of higher learning, in developing critical dispositions within their discipline while seeking the skills and knowledge required for them to flourish in modern life. Creative, digital technologies feature in some of the narratives while others explore the relationships between individuals within disciplines, professions, and across institutions. The authors question and probe their professional contexts so as to better understand and react to the multiple curricula, political and neoliberal tensions of modern universities.

Divided into several themes, the text provides current thinking from cross-disciplinary and international perspectives to inform colleagues and students across the sector globally.  

Anticipated publication date: Spring 2024.