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About the Project

The Catholic Research Forum is a stream of initiatives aiming to put research and strategic thinking that is both academically rigorous and pastorally useful at the service of the Catholic Church.

Current projects include:

  • 'Contemporary Catholicism in England and Wales: A Statistical Report' is a funded research project, utilizing the British Social Attitudes survey to provide fundamental information about Catholic life. Subjects will include the place of Catholicism within its wider socio-religious context, the demographic profile of the Catholic population, retention and conversion, and religious practice. The final report is due for release in the first half of 2016. Please check back soon to access a downloadable version.
  • In partnership with the Diocese of Portsmouth, we are undertaking a major survey of Catholic who no longer regularly attend Mass. This will be the first of its kind in Britain. Data collection was undertaken in late 2015, and a final report is scheduled for release around the middle of 2016.
  • We are working with the Catholic Education Service on a research project into the uptake of free school meals within Catholic state schools.

Groups interested in discussing commissioned projects are invited to contact the Centre Director, Dr Stephen Bullivant, directly.