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Catholic Social Teaching, Policy, and Society

About the Project

This series of seminars, led by Prof Philip Booth, will address key issues on the relationship between religion and society. This will include areas such as Catholic social teaching, issues to do with the relationship between religion and political economy, and the inter-relationships between morality, ethics, culture, politics and society.

The objective of the series is to enhance public understanding of the relationship between religion, politics and society as well as to provide an opportunity for academics to develop their own understanding of these issues.

The seminars will have different formats in order to achieve a range of objectives. Some may be larger and involve a number of individuals from many walks of life (including several eminent Visiting Fellows). Others will involve a small number of people and an in-depth consideration of the issues.

As well as main speakers, chosen for their expertise, there will be ample time for discussion amongst and participation by guests. It is not intended that the guest list is exclusive, so please contact us if you would like to be invited.

The seminars will take place about three times a year at different times of the week and day so that those invited should have the opportunity to attend at least occasionally.