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Campus activities

We are pleased to invite school and college groups to our beautiful campus.

Taster days include a progression talk, sample academic session, campus tour and lunch.

Groups from Y5-13 are welcome to attend and will be accompanied by student ambassadors throughout the day; groups must be escorted by a teacher. Please see below our provision for different year groups. These talks can also be delivered off campus.

Sample academic taster sessions can be discussed upon initial enquiry, or more information can be found in our Guide for Schools and Colleges. Please contact 0208 240 2364 or email

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Key Stage 2

Primary schools outreach

Discovering St Mary’s University

We have put together a fun University Day that is sure to leave pupils enthused and curious about their future.

The day aims to teach them about University but also gives them the opportunity to tell us what they already know.

The day will include three sessions:

  • Skipping Stones at St Mary’s
    Starting with an introduction to St Mary’s, pupils will then be encouraged to discuss and share what they thing a University is and what it means to them.
  • Hunting with Horace
    Along with help from our Student Ambassadors the class will split into three groups and go off on a Treasure Hunt to discover the campus; teaching them about the different areas a University has an what makes St Mary’s special.
  • Making your mascot
    To round everything off we will be inviting the pupils to create a mascot of their own, encompassing the traits that they feel are important

Key Stage 3

Year 7

On the hunt for HE

For our year 7 visits we aim to ‘normalise’ the idea University; making it less of a daunting idea but instead a fun and interesting possibility that they can reach for.

They will learn about St Mary’s by taking part in an interactive campus tour that will test their team work and knowledge skills. Our student ambassadors will also be on hand to support them during the tour and answer any questions the learners may have during their visit.

Year 8

'Tell me more' fair

Working in groups, students’ will carousel around the different activity stands, allowing them to discover more about what a University is made up including university life.

Design a university

A great opportunity for students to get creative as they are tasked to work in groups to design a University and campus of their own. At the end of the session, the groups will present their design back to the rest of the class. 


Creating their own University Student, learners will begin to understand what it means to be at university:

They will create their student whilst keeping the following in mind:


  • How old?
  • What they study?
  • Hobbies (clubs/societies)?
  • Where would they live?
  • Where they would go?
  • What are they good at?
  • What do they want to be?
  • What they look like? 
Year 9

Exploring options and opportunities

It is essential that students make the right choices with their GCSE’s, so our session aims to help. This session can be run in school or on campus, with later visits being arranged with smaller groups (15-20 students) to visit the campus for an immersive session in one of their subjects of interest.

Walk the footsteps of a 'Simmie': Subject-specific sessions on campus

This visit will give the students an insight into Higher Education and the range of opportunities available to them.

Schools can choose from the below courses:

  • Sports Coaching Science
  • Acting
  • Media Arts (Max No of Students 15-20)
  • Nutrition (Max No of Students 15-20)
  • Applied Physics

Key Stage 4 and 5

Student life at university

University offers a different student and personal lifestyle from Sixth Form or College; this session answers the frequently asked questions about university life, covering how to manage new independence, the experience of living away from home, academic study, and finance tips – the session gives general advice on adjusting to University Student Life.

Time: 30 Minutes
Maximum size: Assemblies or classroom 

Why go to University?

With so many different opportunities now available for students after they finish Sixth Form or College, this talk explains why students should consider choosing university. This talk covers the benefits of a gaining a degree, discussing the opportunities university offers students both during their undergraduate study and life after.

Time: 30 Minutes
Maximum size: Assemblies or classroom 

University jargon buster

Applying to university can be a stressful time. The University Jargon Buster workshop will help students make sense of the application process, different types of courses and life at University.

Time: 45 Minutes
Maximum size: 20-25 students

Making good choices

There are over 37,000 undergraduate programmes available in the UK alone, provided by 370 different Higher Education Institutions. This talk provides general information, top tips, and advice on the university decision making process, aiming to help students make an informed decision.

Time: 30 Minutes
Maximum size: Assemblies or classroom 

Researching universities and courses

A practical research session where students look at University and the Courses they may wish to study by looking through websites/ prospectuses. Students can also book on to Open Days.

Time: 1 hour
Maximum size: 20-25 students 

Budgeting and finance skills

One of students’ biggest fears about going to university is ‘how will I afford it?’ This interactive session introduces students to Student Finance, the different loans available, and includes a budgeting activity.

Time: 30 Minutes
Maximum size: 35 students 

Study skills: Meta-cognition, note-taking, scanning, skim-reading

Every learner is different and this session aims to get students thinking about their own learning, and what works best for them. It also introduces the dos and don’ts of notetaking, and how to effectively record information ready for revision.

Time: 45 minutes
Maximum size: 35 students

Keeping and filing your notes

This a practical session looking at why notes should be taken, different ways to take notes and store them. Students will self-assess their own note taking and spend some time organising their files.

Time: 1 hour
Maximum size: 20-30 students 

SMART target-setting

The aim of this workshop is for students to identify key areas they feel they need to work and create a Smart Target Map against the area.

Time: 45 Minutes 
Maximum size: 20-30 students

Study skills: Time-management, tools and techniques 

Students look at where their time is currently going and identify their time issues. Tools and templates will then be provided for students to map out and plan ahead their week, term and create revision timetable. 

Time: 1 hour 
Maximum size: 20-30 students 

Study skills: relevant news story- critical thinking, debates and discussions

UThis workshop is designed for students to discuss and debate current affairs. Students will read a news articles, answer questions and ask questions to build their curiosity to think critically. 

Time: 1 hour
Maximum size: 20-30 students

Key Stage 5

Personal statement workshop: structure and putting pen to paper
Personal statement workshop: evidence gathering

This workshop will focus on the following:

  1. Students looking at the skills gained from their current studies and how they can BE transferred/ matched to what they wish to study at University,
  2. Students looking at their wider skills and interest to include in a personal statement
  3. This workshop could also be tailored to looking at personal specs for Job application where required

Time: 1 hour
Maximum size: 20-25 students

University-level study session: course learning style, note-taking and skim-reading

This session aims to introduce students to the different types of study at university and the likely approaches students should expect. It also introduces learners to meta-cognitive skills, specifically allowing them to practise note-taking, scanning and skim-reading.

Time: 1 hour
Maximum size: 35 students