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Ekphrastic Writing

"Language is social art" - Willard Van Orman Quine

How can you weave art and photography into your writing?  How can you use them to create and develop new material? This course will explore the art of Ekphrastic Writing. Ekphrasis means, ‘description’ in Greek.  Ekphrastic Writing focuses on works of art and interprets them so that they help you, the writer, in creating new narratives.

On this course, we will look at a range of different images in order to expand our portfolio of writing. Each week we will cover a new theme, such as Childhood, HomeLovePlace & Space and Beauty and have the opportunity to create new poetry or fictions through them.  There will also be critical feedback sessions to develop our own skills as writers and critics of one’s and other’s work.

This course will be held at The Exchange in Twickenham and delivered to you by poet and creative writer Agnieszka Studzinska who has an MA in creative writing

Dates and Times

The course will run from 10am – 12.30pm on:

  • Thursday 2nd May
  • Thursday 9th May
  • Thursday 16th May
  • Thursday 23rd May
  • Thursday 6th June
  • Thursday 13th June
  • Thursday 20th June
  • Thursday 27th June


The full cost of this 8 week course is £155


Week 1 – Self Portraits

Who do we find when we observe a Self Portrait? Explore the fascinating characters that you will create in this session, challenging our perceptions of ourselves.

Week 2 – Still Life

How do we capture moments of stillness? What does a still life have to say about its subject? – Write your own still life moments, using the richness of language as your paint.

Week 3- Parenthood

How does art translate the experience of parenthood? What does it say about its complexities and pleasures?  Explore writing about the notion of parenthood, family and childhood.

Week 4 – Abstract Art

Abstract art and poetry have a lot in common.  Explore complex narratives, which grow out of the beauty of a supposed blank canvas.

Week 5 – Love & Sex

Does a Tracy Emin installation revealing aspects of her sexuality, hopes and failures reveal something about us and our relationship to love and life? Does a painting tell us another story deep within our own narratives on love? Find out in this week’s workshop exploring the complexities of love and sex.

Week 6 & 7 – Critical Feedback

These two weeks will provide group critical feedback and help us explore our skills as critics of our own and others writing.

Week 8 – Pictures, Photographs, Images…

Bring in an image of your own choice in a discussion of what makes us engaged in an image and compare our responses to that of writing.


There are no requirements to enrol on this course apart from a love of the written word.


Upon completion of this course students are issued a St Mary's University Certificate of Attendance as well as a portfolio of creative writing.