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Unarmed Combat for Stage & Screen

This eight week course aims to enable and empower the participant to reach a proficient level of competence in Unarmed Combat for Stage & Screen, set alongside the following learning outcomes:

  • To learn the fundamental techniques and safe applications of Unarmed Stage Combat
  • To further develop physical awareness, both of oneself and others, in the space you occupy and perform in
  • To explore the different use of violence in theatrical and filmic context and understand the importance of safety in 21st Century performance
  • To advance partnering skills
  • To retain choreography, take direction and tell a story with theatrical violence

Dates and Times:

Dates to be confirmed at The Exchange, Twickenham.




Week 1 and 2: Introduction to Combat
  • Learn the foundations of stage combat and begin putting them into practice
  • Discuss and analyse key violent scenes from cinema and TV 
Week 3, 4, 5 and 6: Core Techniques
  • Develop our understanding and execution of more progressive stage combat
  • Explore theatrical scenes that contain the potential for violence
  • Further improve our partner work
Week 7 and 8: Rehearsals and Internal Showing
  • Alongside further skills development, these sessions will be spent rehearsing and tightening up choreography
  • Ending with a showing of the rehearsed scenes/fights to the rest of the group


There are no entry requirements to enrol on this course; other than a willingness to work hard, break a sweat and have fun!


Throughout the course, students will be assessed on their abilities to learn and safely put into practice ‘Unarmed Combat for Stage & Screen’. Upon completion, successful students will receive a Spotlight accredited certificate under ‘Master@Arms’ and may add the certification to their Spotlight UK profiles.