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Young People's Introduction to Stage Combat

This one-day course welcomes young creatives and performers to the world of Stage Sword Fighting and the safe practice that surrounds it. These workshops aim to enable and empower the participant as they begin to learn the basic techniques and applications of the magic that is ‘Stage Combat’ - whilst also learning what it is to be a good working partner.

A great half-term activity, suitable for ages 8-14. Please bring your own lunch and snacks!

The ‘swords’ used on this course will be foam swords.

Dates and time





  • Warmup games and exercises - actively engage coordination, spatial awareness and focus
  • Footage - watch and discuss a couple of key examples of sword fighting in popular film culture
  • Partner Work - develop and explore the need to work well together as a pair
  • Stage Combat - learning technique then dramatisation of basic sword fighting moves, e.g slashes, thrusts and parries


There are no entry requirements to enrol on this course; other than a willingness to work hard, break a sweat and have fun!


Throughout the day, students will be guided to a satisfactory level to be awarded a certificate of attendance for ‘Introduction to Unarmed Stage Combat (Sword Fighting)’ by St Mary's University.