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Journey through European Cinema

Aided with short and extended clips for discussion, this ten-week course will journey through the history of European cinema, focusing on a different era each week. Along the way we will take in the revolutionary cinema of 1920s Russia, the hip existentialism of 1960s France and the 21st century cinema of the new Romania. Work of such major directors as Jean Renoir, Federico Fellini and Rainer Werner Fassbinder will be analyzed, while we will also look at the star personas of such figures as Jean Gabin and Anna Karina.

The class tutor Dr Ben Dooley has a PhD in Film Studies and has lectured at the University of Chichester, Brunel University, the University of Essex and the University for the Creative Arts. He lives locally and occasionally writes short stories and poetry.

Dates and Times

This course runs over 10 weeks on a Monday evening from 7.30pm-9.30pm, starting 4th February 2019 and finishing on April 8th 2019


The full cost of the 10-week course is £150


Week one

Introduction: What is European Cinema?

Week two

Soviet montage: Can cinema be a tool for revolution?

Week three

Weimar cinema: Expressionism and beyond

Week four

French cinema of the 1930s: The dreamy world of French impressionism, poetic realism, surrealist cinema and Jean Renoir

Week five

Italian neorealism: a socially-conscious post-WW2 cinema, using ‘non-actors’, location shooting and a documentary photographic style

Week six

The Golden Age of Italian cinema: La Dolce Vita and others

Week seven

The French New Wave: Auteur cinema, the jump cut and the age of cool existentialism

Week eight

New German Cinema: the cinema of R. W. Fassbinder, Wim Wenders and Werner Herzog

Week nine

Dogme 95 and Lars von Trier: Breaking the Rules

Week ten

The Romanian New Wave: A post-Soviet cinema with a minimalist, gritty realism, coupled with a dark comic outlook


There are no requirements to enroll on this course apart from a love of film, however participants must be aged 18 or over unless accompanied by an adult for the course duration.


Upon completion of this course students are issued a St Mary's University Certificate of Attendance.

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