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Injury Biomechanics and Principles of Rehabilitation

This course introduces participants to the key concepts of injury rehabilitation. In particular, participants will learn how the underpinning principles of biomechanics are relevant to mechanism of injury and how they would apply this to their clinical practice. Participants will learn the key principles of programme design and start to apply those to the rehabilitation process. There will also be a strong emphasis on the importance of mechanisms of injury in relation to injury prevention and rehabilitation. Participants will also learn to analyse movement and the different approaches that can be used in sport rehabilitation.

Dates and Times

This course runs one day a week for one semester from Friday 23rd September 2022 to Friday 20th January 2023.  This course is in a blended format with a combination of lectures, seminars and workshops. Face-to-face and live online hours vary slightly each week but remain within the hours of 9am and 6pm.

Students will get the assessment dates at the start of the module so have plenty of time to prepare.


The full cost of this course is £1084

St Mary's University alumni receive a 20% discount.


This course has three key topic themes:

  • Principles of rehabilitation
  • Biomechanics and
  • Injury mechanisms and prevention

Within these topics you will study:

  • Principles of Rehabilitation and training
  • Programme design
  • Load Management in rehab
  • Screening neuromuscular performance and movement quality
  • Underpinning principles of biomechanics relevant to rehab
  • Sensorimotor control
  • Injury Biomechanics/ mechanisms of injury
  • Injury prevention process


Students will normally be expected to have achieved a 2:1 or a good 2:2 (or equivalent) in a related discipline, including: sport and exercise science, sports coaching, strength and conditioning, sport science, sports therapy, physical education and physiotherapy.


There are two assessments for this module, both are worth 50% of the overall mark for the module. Both assessments must be passed and cannot be compensated.

  • Assessment 1 - Lab Report
  • Assessment 2 - Presentation


Upon successful assessment, learners will be awarded 20 Master's-level (Level 7) academic credits. Credits may be transferred onto existing masters degrees at St Mary’s University.

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