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Atefeh Omrani

PhD Student

Atefeh Omrani

About Research



Atefeh graduated from the Iran University of Medical Science with a BSc in Midwifery (2010). After graduating, she worked as a lead midwife in a primary health care setting in Iran for almost four years.

As part of her role, Atefeh was responsible for organising teaching sessions with the aim of increasing the health and wellbeing of females. Following this, she moved to the UK and completed an MSc in Midwifery Studies at Middlesex University, graduating with a distinction (2015).

Atefeh joined St Mary's University as a PhD student in Health and Applied Social Science in 2016. She is also a member of the Research Group in Breast Health at the University of Portsmouth.



Research profile

Atefeh's PhD focuses on breast health and breast education for adolescent girls. She is investigating the impact of breast health education on adolescent girls' knowledge of breasts and breast health, sport and exercise participation, enjoyment and body image satisfaction. Atefeh also contributes to teaching in the BSc Health and Exercise Science degree programme.

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