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Dr Carlie Goldsmith

Visiting Research Fellow

About Research


Awarded her in Applied Social Science in 2011, Carlie worked as a senior lecturer in criminology for six years before founding the research organisation and consultancy North RTD in 2013. Over her career, Carlie has managed local, regional and national research and evaluation in criminal justice, offending, public health, community engagement, bereavement, financial capability and suicide prevention.

An experienced ethnographer, Carlie is able to utilise a range of research strategies and techniques, including innovative methodologies, in the design and delivery of research and evaluation. She has particular expertise in helping organisations who support and/or provide services for individuals, groups or areas with complex needs to use research and evaluation in ways that enables them to better understand and account for the outcomes and impact of their work. Carlie has published work in relation to young people, criminal justice policy, crime and bereavement. 


Research profile


  • Walker, C., Squires, P. and Goldsmith, C. (forthcoming). Young People, Debt and Financial Responsibility, London: Palgrave Macmillan.  
  • Squires, P. and Goldsmith, C. (2017). Broken Society, Failing State? In Rogers, R. and Blackman, S. (eds). Youth Marginality in Britain: Contemporary Studies of Austerity, Bristol: Policy Press.   
  • Seetzen, H., Ramsden, M. and Goldsmith, C. (2014). Divided communities at a time of austerity: a visual ethnography of the experience of social division, community and place in a London neighbourhood [online] Available at  
  • Goldsmith, C. and Cavalcanti, R. (2013). Beyond ‘Inferno’ or ‘Paradises’: the politics of precariousness, Criminal Justice Matters, 93 (1): 14-15.   
  • Goldsmith, C. (2012). ‘It just feels like it’s always us’; young people, peer bereavement and safety, Journal of Youth Studies, 15 (5): 657-675.    
  • Cavalcanti, R., Goldsmith, C., Measor, L and Squires, P. (2012). ‘Riotous Connections?’, Criminal Justice Matters, 87 (1): 34-35. 
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  • Goldsmith, C. (2008). Cameras, cops and contracts: What anti-social behaviour management feels like to young people. In Squires, P. ed. ASBO Nation; The criminalization of nuisance. Bristol: Policy Press. 
  • Goldsmith, C. (2006). ‘You just know you are being watched everywhere’: Young people, custodial experiences and community safety. In Squires, P. ed. Community Safety: Critical perspectives on policy and practice. Bristol: The Policy Press. 


  • Walker, C., Goldsmith, C. and Bragg, S. (forthcoming). Vulnerable Children and Young People and Financial Capability: Literature Review, London: Money Advice Service.   
  • Goldsmith, C. (2017). At the End of the Line: Independent Evaluation of the Pact Helpline, London: Prison Advice and Care Trust.   
  • Goldsmith, C. (2016). Independent Evaluation of City Bridges Women’s Resettlement Project, London: Pact.  
  • Goldsmith, C. and Murphy, C. (2016). Independent Evaluation of Re-Unite, London: Housing for Women.  
  • Goldsmith, C. and Murphy, C. (2016). Independent Evaluation of Re-Place, London: Housing for Women.  
  • Goldsmith, C. and Scowcroft, E. (2016). Consulting with professions and the public about depression, self-harm and suicide, Kingston upon Thames: Public Health Team.  
  • Goldsmith, C. (2015). Living Lives, and Building Futures: Refugee, Asylum Seeker and Migrant Needs Assessment, Royal Borough of Kingston: Refugee Action Kingston [online] Available at
  • Seetzen, H., Goldsmith, C., Ramsden, M., Willis, T. and Gallant, G. (2014). The Malden Manor Community Project: Final Report, Royal Borough of Kingston: RBK.  
  • Goldsmith, C. (2013). Assessing the Offending Careers of ‘Revolving Door’ Prisoners: Final Report, Brighton: Sussex Pathways.    
  • Cavalcanti, R., Goldsmith, C., Lea, J., Measor, L., Squires, P and Woolf, D. (2011). ‘Youth and Community: Connections and Disconnections’, summary report for the Arts & Humanities Research Council ‘Connected Communities’ project, November 2011. 

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