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Claire Mulvenna

Course Lead - MSc Professional Development

Claire Mulvenna

About Research

Tel: 020 8240 4059


Claire has worked extensively within sports coaching and sports development across both elite and community environments. Working for organisations such as Birmingham FA and the Manchester United Foundation Claire has written and delivered several football coaching and leadership programmes aimed at upskilling coaches. Claire completed an MSc in Sport Coaching at Loughborough University in 2013 and an MA in Community Sport Development at Bolon University in 2010.

Claire is a Lecturer in Physical Education and Sport Coaching and teaches on a number of modules on the MSc in Professional Development and MSc in Performance Football Coaching.


Research profile

Claire's research interests lie in the coaching process, the use of performance analysis by coaches, and coach development. Claire is currently studying her PhD at the University of Chester. Her PhD focuses on the use of performance analysis within the coaching process.

Peer-reviewed Publications

  • Mulvenna, C., A. Leslie-Walker., Wadsworth. N., & Moran. M. (2021) Understanding the coach’s role in identifying and meeting the motivations of soccer players. Journal of Sport Behavior. Volume 44, No. 3.
  • Mulvenna, C., & Leslie-Walker., A. (2020) Exploring the Role of Identity in Motivating Walking Netball Participants. Athens Journal of Sports. 7: 1-16
  • Cronin, L., Merchant, D., Allen, J., Mulvenna, C., Cullen, D., Williams, G., & Ellison, P. (2019) Students’ perceptions of autonomy-supportive versus controlling teaching and basic need satisfaction versus frustration in relation to life skills development in PE. Psychology of Sport and Exercise. 44 79-89.
  • Cronin, L., Allen, J., Mulvenna, C. & Russell, P. (2018) An investigation of the relationships between the teaching climate, students’ perceived life skills development and well-being within physical education. Journal of Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy (CPES) Article ID: CPES 1371684.

Conference proceedings

  • Mulvenna, C. (2020) Improve the best, don’t worry about the rest. An investigation of one team and their use of performance analysis at half-time. European College of Sport Science. Online Conference. Verbal Presentation.
  • Mulvenna, C., & Leslie-Walker, A. (2019) Seizing the centre pass – Assessing the motivation of participants to attend and engage in England Netball’s ‘Walking Netball’ programme. Oral presentation at Leisure Studies Association Annual Conference. 9-11th July 2019, Abertay University, UK, Dundee.
  • Mulvenna, C. (2019) The process performance analysts follow when using video feedback in professional semi-elite English soccer. Oral presentation at the 8th ISPAS International Workshop.
  • Mulvenna, C., Leslie-Walker, A., & Moran. M. (2018) An investigation in to how soccer coaches attempt to explicitly address the motives their players have for participating in sport. Oral presentation at: World Congress of Sociology of Sport, 5th-8th June, University of Lausanne.
  • Mulvenna, C. (2018) A preliminary examination of the role University study plays in preparation for teaching physical education in the UK. Virtual presentation at the Ninth International Conference on Sport and Society. 19-21st July, 2018, Miami, USA.
  • Mulvenna, C., & Leslie-Walker, A. (2018) A preliminary investigation of the motivations for participation, held by female performance soccer players. Lightning talk at Women in Sport and Exercise Conference 2018. 13-14th June 2018, University Of Staffordshire, UK, Stoke On Trent, UK.
  • Cronin, L., Marchant, D., Allen, J., Mulvenna, C., Cullen, D., Williams, G., & Ellison, P. (2018) How the bright and dark side of self-determination theory influence students’ life skills development within physical education. Oral Presentation at European College of Sport Science. 4th-7th July 2018, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Leslie-Walker, A., Mulvenna, C., & Snape, B. (2018) Unravelling the hidden agenda between female students and extra-curricular physical activity in Higher Education. In: The British Sociological Association Annual Conference - Identity, Community and Social Solidarity, 10-12th April, 2018, Northumbria University UK.
  • Leslie-Walker, A., Mulvenna, C., & Snape, B. (2018) Rekindling Adrenaline in Sport: The Agenda for the Female Tourist. Oral presentation at: World Congress of Sociology of Sport, 5th-8th June, University of Lausanne.
  • Mulvenna, C. (2017) A preliminary examination of the pre match agreement of the definitions behind the KPI’s in soccer. Poster Presentation at the 7th ISPAS International Workshop.
  • Cronin, L., Russell, P., Mulvenna, C., & Allen, J. (2016). Life skills development and well-being in physical education: The role of the teaching climate. Oral presentation at the British Psychological Society – Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology Conference, Cardiff, UK.

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