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Fiona Leggat

PhD student

Fiona Leggat

About Research


Fiona graduated from the University of Chichester with a First Class BSc (Hons) degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology.

Following her undergraduate degree, Fiona remained at the same institution to complete a MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology, graduating with a Distinction. Her MSc project used qualitative methods to explore the informal problematic player role within sports teams.

Fiona joined St Mary’s University in 2018 to begin her full time PhD studentship. In 2019, Fiona became the Post Graduate student representative for the Faculty of Sport, Allied Heath, and Performance Sciences.


Research profile

PhD Title:

Translating knowledge and evaluating impactful resources to broaden the narrative environment of major lower limb amputation rehabilitation (MLLA).

The focus of Fiona’s PhD is developing and evaluating resources which aim to broaden the narrative environment of MLLA. Individuals with recent MLLA can lack knowledge of what to expect in both rehabilitation, and everyday life living with MLLA.

Such limited knowledge can lead to anxiety and fear-filled outlooks, alongside unrealistic expectations of their future. Thus, the aim of Fiona’s PhD is to translate MLLA recovery narratives into materials, broadening the narratives individuals can draw from in MLLA rehabilitation.

To undertake her PhD, Fiona’s work is rooted within integrated knowledge translation, and takes a collaborative approach to research.

Fiona uses qualitative, immersive methods and works alongside allied health care professionals, established individuals with MLLA and artists to develop resources and evaluate their impact in practice.

Within her PhD, Fiona also draws upon the principles of narrative pedagogy, behaviour change theory and process evaluation. Other research interests include group dynamics, exercise psychology and injury rehabilitation psychology.


  • Dr Ross Wadey (St Mary’s University)
  • Dr Stacy Winter (St Mary’s University)
  • Dr Melissa Day (University of Chichester)
  • Dr Phoebe Sanders (Changing Minds UK)


  • Leggat, F.J. (2020). Introducing knowledge translation to the psychology of sport injury domain: The art of improving research uptake in practice. In R. Wadey (Eds.) Sport Injury Psychology: Cultural, Relational, Methodological and Applied Considerations. Routledge: UK.
  • Leggat, F., Wadey, R., Day, M., & Winter, S & Sanders, P. (2020). Sharing stories of lower limb amputation recovery: Challenges of the becoming the storyteller. SHAS Research Event, 9 July, St Mary’s University, Twickenham, UK.
  • Sanders, P., & Leggat, F. (2019). Recovery trajectories after major limb loss and their impact on rehabilitation practice. British Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Amputee Rehabilitation (BACPAR) Annual Conference, 14 Nov, Wolverhampton Science Park, UK.
  • Leggat, F., Wadey, R., Day, M., & Winter, S. (2019). Using integrated knowledge translation to enhance wellbeing in individuals who have undergone a major lower limb amputation. SHAS Research Event, 10 May, St Mary’s University, Twickenham, UK.
  • Leggat, F.J., Smith, M.J., & Figgins, S.G. (2019). Talented but Disruptive: An Exploration of Problematic Players in Sports Teams. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology. Available here
  • Leggat, F., & Smith, M. (2016). An exploratory study examining problematic players from the experiences of others. 5th International Conference on Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise, 1 Sept, Chichester, UK. [Poster]

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