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Dr Heather McKee

Senior Lecturer

About Research Media

Heather has a strong interest in exercise and health psychology, in particular the psychological underpinnings of behaviour change and weight maintenance. She completed her PhD in the psychology of weight loss goals from the University of Birmingham in 2013. Her PhD investigated how self-control impacts weight loss and weight maintenance success. Before this she completed an MSc in Physical activity and Health from Loughborough University where she specialised in exercise psychology and sedentary behaviour. She began her studies at Dublin City University with a BSc in Sport Science and Health.  

Heather currently teaches part time in Exercise and Health Psychology and Lifestyle Management. The rest of the time she works for the British Lung Foundation designing behaviour change interventions for those with long-term conditions.  



Heather is also experienced in Motivational interviewing delivery and training and is a current member of MINT. Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers.


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Published conference abstracts:

  • University College London, Centre for Behaviour change (CBC), Digital Health Behaviour Change Conference 2015

- An ecological momentary assessment of lapse occurrence in dieters.

  • European Health Psychology Society (EHPS) 2012

- Multiple goal-management: A longitudinal examination of concurrent management of a weight-loss goal with another valued goal

- Weight loss maintenance: psychological factors underpinning success and failure: A qualitative examination

  • European federation of Sport psychology (FEPSAC) 2011

- Multiple goal-management: A longitudinal examination of concurrent management of a weight-loss goal with another valued goal

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Areas of expertise: Health behaviour change, Weight loss psychology. Exercise psychology

Heather currently designs evidence-based behaviour change programmes, and workshops for charities, businesses and the health and fitness field. She lectures in behaviour change, health and exercise psychology and is the founder of out of which she runs evidence-based weight loss programmes to help individuals build the skills needed for long-term weight maintenance. Heather's research has previously been featured in publications such as LA times, The Washington Post, Women's Health and The Times.

Media Experience: Radio interview, Quote/interview for news/magazine article, blog, newspaper column, editorial

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