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Lara Bundock

Honorary Visiting Fellow



Lara Bundock is the founding CEO of The Snowdrop Project in Sheffield. Following training as a social worker, she practiced in an NRM safe house in 2011 and was struck by the lack of available support after the NRM. Seeing previous clients become homeless, develop debt, drug and alcohol problems, or become missing people she designed a long-term support programme to address clients ongoing needs. The Project focuses on holistic support provision through casework and advocacy, counselling, community activities, a house renovation service, and pathways to education/employment. Lara is a fellow of the Bakhita Centre since 201X? and has been involved in evaluations and other projects led by the Centre team.

In 2020, Snowdrop took on part of the new government contract to provide ‘Reach-In’ support after the NRM, a signposting service after someone has exited the NRM, which is now integrated into their wider provision. The charity also works with other organisations (such as FlourishNI, The Medaille Trust, Hope at Home) to assist and provide guidance in developing long-term support in other areas of the country.

Lara co-authored ‘Life Beyond the Safe House’ (2015), The Trafficking Survivor Care Standards (2019) and the National Training Standards for the Identification, Care and Support of victims and Survivors of Modern Slavery (2020) and has spoken around the UK, Northern Ireland, and Turkmenistan about working with survivors of trafficking.

She is passionate about needs-led support being available nationwide following methods of best practice and equipping others to understand the complex needs of survivors.

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