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Dr Michael Eynon

Programme Director - Health and Fitness

About Research

Tel: 020 8240 4821


Michael graduated from the University of Chichester with both a Sports Science BSc (Hons) and an MSc in Psychology of Sport and Exercise. He went on to complete a PhD in Exercise and Health Psychology at the University of the West of Scotland. Michael joined St Mary’s University, Twickenham as a Lecturer in September 2017.

Michael teaches across a number of modules on the undergraduate Health and Exercise Science programme and he module convenes the Weight Management (Level 6) and Health Promotion (Level 5) modules.


Research profile

Michael’s research interests relate to the psychological underpinnings of exercise adoption and maintenance. Most recently, his research has explored the predictors of adherence to exercise referral schemes with an explicit focus on motivation, social cognitions and exercise identity. Current areas of research activity include: exercise in primary care; the role of physical activity on body image issues; and reducing sedentary behaviour. 

Peer reviewed publications:

Eynon, M. J., O’Donnell, C., & Williams, L. (2017). Assessing the impact of autonomous motivation and psychological need satisfaction in explaining adherence to an exercise referral scheme. Psychology, Health & Medicine, 22, 1056-1062.

Eynon, M. J., O’Donnell, C., & Williams, L. (2016). Gaining qualitative insight into the subjective experiences of adherers to an exercise referral scheme: A thematic analysis. Journal of Health Psychology. doi: 10.1177/1359105316656233

Greenlees, I. A., Eynon, M., & Thelwell, R. C. (2013). Color of Soccer Goalkeepers’ Uniforms Influences the Outcome of Penalty Kicks. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 117, 1-10. doi: 10.2466/30.24.PMS.117x14z6

Conference proceedings:

Eynon, M. (2017). The evidence of behaviour – understanding the psychosocial factors associated with adherence to exercise referral schemes. Elevate Arena, London, May 2017.

Eynon, M. J., O’Donnell, C., and Williams, L. (2016). The social cognitive predictors of adherence to an exercise referral scheme. Paper presented at the EHPS/DHP conference, Aberdeen, August 2016.

Eynon, M. J., O’Donnell, C., and Williams, L. (2015). The role of an exercise identity in contributing to self-determined motivation in adherers to exercise referral schemes: a thematic analysis. Paper presented at the International Society of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity Conference, Edinburgh, June 2015.

Eynon, M. J., and Lowry, R. (2013). The role of physical activity on the Adonis Complex. Paper presented at the British Psychological Society, DHP Annual Conference, Brighton, 13th September 2013.

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