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Paul Hough

Senior Lecturer

About Research Media

Paul began his career as a personal trainer and football coach and completed a BSc (Hons) at Brunel University in Sports Science. He later went on to complete an MSc in Strength and Conditioning Science whilst working as a physiology graduate assistant/technician at St Mary’s.

Paul is a lecturer on the Health and Exercise Science programme and his areas of interest include: high intensity interval training (HIIT) and resistance training for health and performance. He is currently conducting research on a wearable physiological measurement device.

He is a BASES accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist and the Lead Sport Scientist at St Mary’s University. In this role he provides sports science support to elite and amateur athletes as well as working with a number of external organisations such as Virgin London Marathon and The Great Britain Rowing Team. Since working at St Mary’s he has overseen the redevelopment and BASES accreditation of the Human Performance Laboratories at St Mary’s and has also contributed to the development of The Performance Education Centre.

Paul played football at college and university level as well as running 5k and 10k. He is passionate about a number of sports including football and regularly attends Coventry City and England matches. He also enjoys attending music concerts, playing football and training in the gym on a weekly basis.



  • Hough, P. & Patmore, D. (2015) The Effect of a Four Week High Intensity Interval Training Programme on Physiological Health Measures. Under submission.
  • Howatson, G., Hough, P., Pattison, J., Hill, J., Blagrove, R., Glaister, M., Thompson, K.G. (2010). Trekking poles reduce exercise induced muscle injury during mountain walking. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 43, 140-145.
  • Hough, P., Ross, E.Z, & Howatson, G. (2009). Effects of dynamic and static stretching on vertical jump performance and electromyographic activity. Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 23, 507-512.

Conference Communications:

  • The Effect of a Four Week High Intensity Interval Training Programme on Physiological Health Measures (2015). American College of Sports Medicine. San Diego. May 2015.
  • The acute effects of a single bout of cardiovascular exercise on mood state in university students. BASES Annual Conference. University of Central Lancashire. September 2013
  • The effect of lower-body compression garments on lower-body power and sub-maximal running performance (2011). The 5th ISN International Sports Medicine and Sports Science Conference. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. September 2011.
  • Organising Training and Periodisation for Rowing. The 2010 British Rowing Annual Conference, Nottingham. September 2010.
  • Effects of dynamic and static stretching on vertical jump performance and electromyographic activity (2008). BASES Annual Conference. Brunel University, West London. September 2008.

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Areas of expertise: Exercise science, sport science, endurance (aerobic) training, resistance (weight) training, high intensity interval training (HIIT), exercise and nutrition for weight loss

Paul Hough is a lecturer in health and exercise science at St Mary’s University and have been practicing as a (BASES accredited) Sport and Exercise Scientist for seven years. He currently lead the sport/exercise science consultancy services at St Mary’s University, providing sport/exercise science support to elite and amateur athletes, members of the public, and various external organisations. His current areas of research interest are wearable health technology and HIIT.

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