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Rebecca Smith

Senior Lecturer - Law

Rebecca Smith

About Research



Rebecca joined the Law Department at St Mary’s University as a Lecturer in September 2015, having previously taught at University College London as a Teaching Fellow. Her teaching includes Human Rights, Jurisprudence, Tort, and Intellectual Property.

Rebecca’s research interests lie in jurisprudence, moral philosophy, and legal and political theory, with a particular focus on the moral and ethical foundations of individual rights.Her doctoral research examined the notion of incommensurability between human self-interest and our moral duties towards others in practical reason, and analysed the ways in which this influences our approach to reasoning about conflicts between human rights. Rebecca’s current research focuses on the potential for consonance between contemporary egalitarian rights theory and specificationist methodologies for the resolution of rights conflicts; value incommensurability and practical reason; and feminist philosophy.

Rebecca welcomes approaches for research supervision in human rights, jurisprudence, legal and political theory, moral philosophy, and feminist studies.


Research profile


The Morality of Resisting Oppression, forthcoming Feminist Philosophy Quarterly.

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