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Dr Thalia Magioglou

Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Thalia Magioglou

About Research

Tel: 020 8240 4233


Thalia has been a Lecturer in Psychology at St Mary’s University since 2019. She is also a Researcher affiliated to the laboratory, IIAC of the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Scienes Sociales, in Paris, France, and an Associate Lecturer at the Open University.

Thalia’s perspective is that of Cultural and Political Psychology, combining a “local” field (Greece) to an international and independent research.

After having studied at the University of Cambridge, Sciences Po Paris, EHESS, Athens and Amiens, she completed a PhD on the social representation of democracy for the Greek Youth, stressing the creative dimension of lay thinking. Ever since, she has taught undergraduate and masters courses at the L.S.E., in the UK and Univ. Paris V, René Descartes, A.U.P., Sciences Po, EHESS, France.

Since 2003, Thalia initiated in Paris, at the Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, an international network, EPoPs (European Political Psychology:, currently part of the laboratory IIAC/EHESS in Paris. The purpose of EPoPs is a cultural approach of political psychology which focuses on the study of globalization, at the level of everyday or lay thinking. Publications, international workshops and projects are among the products of this network.


Key Publications

  • Magioglou T., (2017). “Intergenerational inequality and Young adult’s representation of Democracy”. GreeSe Papers, Hellenic Observatory Papers on Greece and Southeast Europe, L.S.E.
  • Magioglou Thalia (2008). “The creative dimension of Common Sense Thinking in the case of the Representation of Democracy for Young Greeks”. In Culture and Psychology, 14, n° 4.
  • Magioglou Thalia, (2008). “L’entretien non directif comme modèle générique d’interactions”. In Cahiers Internationaux de Psychologie Sociale n 78.

Teaching areas

  • Social and Cultural Psychology
  • Political Psychology
  • Qualitative Methodology

Research interests

  • Young adults, Democracy, Social Representations, Lay thinking, Qualitative Methodology

Media enquiries

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