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Living costs

Your main costs as a student will be your accommodation, food, travel, entertainment, clothing and other course costs.

It is difficult to estimate how much students should budget for, as the income available to each student will vary and priorities and interests will be different.

Launch the UCAS budget calculator

As a guide, for a first year student living in a hall of residence at St Mary’s, you can see an estimate of weekly costs below:

  • Hall accommodation: £150 to £242 (19/20 prices)
  • Food*/toiletries: £30 to £40
  • Entertainment: £40 to £50
  • Travel: £10 to £15
  • TV licence/insurance: £5 to £10
  • Clothes: £10 to £20
  • Other course costs**: £10 to £20
  • Laundry: £5
  • Telephone: £10

*For students living in halls of residence, breakfast and evening meals are
included in the accommodation fees.
**These will vary, depending on your chosen course, but will include text books, stationery and photocopying. Other costs may include field trips, theatre visits, sports kit, etc. Please contact the relevant academic schools for further information.

Students living in a house or flat share

You will also have to budget for utility costs (gas, electric, water rates, phone, etc) and allow extra for food and travel costs. Private rental costs for properties in Twickenham and the surrounding areas are roughly between £450 and £700 per person per month.

Further help and advice

  • Students can rent laptops from the library on campus and use it within the radius of the St Mary’s Wi-Fi. They can use them for up to 6 hours free, however if not returned will be fined
  • Students can apply for a TOTUM student card, which offers students 100s of discounts in shops/restaurants etc
  • Students can apply for a student oyster card which gives them 30% discount on London travel
  • St Mary’s is a London University so students have access to the higher London rate of student finance maintenance loan (amount received depends on household income)
  • UK students can access a student bank account for the duration of their studies which will give them access to an interest free overdraft which is a useful safety net for a lot of students