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Catholic school scholarships

£1,000 (paid in the first year of study)

Scholarships of £1,000 awarded as cash in the first year of study only to students who are studying at a Catholic School or College in the UK or EU within a 3 year period prior to the 2017/18 academic year and who:

  • have an annual assessed household income of less than £42,875, and
  • have completed a means-tested assessment through the appropriate awarding authority and agree that their financial information can be shared with St Mary's University, and
  • make/have made St Mary's University a firm choice
  • register on a full-time undergraduate/foundation degree programme at St Mary's University in September 2017
  • Are the first generation* in the family to study in higher education
    *i.e.neither parent studied at university or holds a higher education qualification.

If the number of eligible students exceeds the maximum number to be awarded, these scholarships will be awarded to students who have the lowest assessed household income at the time of allocating the Scholarships.

If you have any queries as to whether your qualifications will be counted as being equivalent, please contact

Please note: the deadline applications has now passed.