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Migrant worker applications

European Union (EU) nationals are eligible to apply for a Tuition Fee Loan only from Student Finance England, to cover the cost of their tuition fees from a UK Institution.

However EU, EEA or Swiss national Students who are currently and consistently working in the UK may also be eligible to apply for a Tuition Fee Loan and also a Maintenance Loan to help with living costs.

This is known as having Migrant Worker status. 


In order to be eligible to apply for the Tuition Fee Loan and Maintenance Loan as a Migrant Worker, a student must:

● Be ordinarily resident in England on 1 September of the first year of their course

● Work regularly, consistently and legally in the UK

● Be employed before 1 September of a given academic year to receive a Tuition Fee Loan and Maintenance Loan to cover the full academic year.

● Plan to work throughout their course

● Have lived in the UK, EU, EEA or Switzerland for at least three full years before the start of their course.

In order to maintain Migrant Worker status throughout their course, a student must meet the specified requirements in terms of their employment and the nature of work. These are the regulations set out by Student Finance England defining who is a ‘worker’:

● The student must work regularly, continuously and legally in the UK. Student Finance England will ask the student to provide proof of a consistent income throughout the whole year and the student will need to verify:

-  the amount of hours they work,

- whether they have enough money coming in

- they are registered with HM Revenue and Customs as a worker.

● If a student hands in their notice and leaves the UK for the summer vacation (even to work abroad), they will lose their Migrant Worker status.

● If a student loses their job as a result of redundancy, termination of employment by the employer, or a medical condition, they can only maintain Migrant Worker status for a period of time as long as they provide evidence of their situation.

● Students will be asked to provide evidence of their employment at the start of each term, so it is important to keep all payslips.

● Work can be part-time or full-time, but it cannot be on such a small scale that it is ‘marginal’ or secondary to the student’s studies.

● If Student Finance England decide that the work is taken purely for the purpose of obtaining Migrant Worker status, then this work can be disregarded.

How to apply Eligible students can apply for Student Finance as a Migrant Worker by completing a PN1 form, which can be downloaded from the Student Finance Form Finder - search ‘student finance forms’ at and select these options:

● Type of student: English student - full-time

● What do you need the form for? Apply for student loans and grants

● What academic year do you want funding for? Select the year of study which you would like to be funded

● Are you a continuing student? Select ‘no’ if you are applying as a Migrant Worker for the first time. Select ‘yes’ if you have applied as a Migrant Worker in the previous year of your course.

The application form will ask you for your National Insurance Number - if you do not already have one, search ‘national insurance number’ at for instructions. You will also be asked for UK bank details, so ensure you have opened an account. 

In addition to the documents stated on the application form, students must also supply copies of the following evidence that they are a Migrant Worker:

● A contract of employment

● A letter from their employer confirming the contract of employment is accurate, and shows the correct hours worked.

● Payslips from June, July, August and September.

It is important that you keep all of your payslips and documents relating to your previous and current work, especially any P45 or P60 documents. If your application is successful, you would be required to provide these at the start of the academic year and in the month prior to the start of each term, to show that you still meet Migrant Worker criteria. For example, students whose academic year starts in September must supply evidence at the beginning of each academic year, then in December and March.

It is important to note that because Student Finance England will also require a payslip from you that begins after 1st September, your loan may not be in place for the time your course starts. We would advise making adequate preparations should this be the case.

Contact information

We can help you with this by contacting our fees office to let them know that you have started the application process, so that you aren’t considered late with tuition fee or accommodation payments. Please let us know that you will need us to do this and we will be glad to help.

For more information please get in touch with the Student Funding Service by emailing or calling 020 8240 2389.


The Migrant Worker team at Student Finance England can be contacted by emailing or calling 0300 100 0608.