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I loved my time at St Mary's and my choice to study Strength and Conditioning Science at the university was a very easy one. I had visited other university's offering a similar course, but none could match the quality of the lecturers, the teaching content or the vast links to sports clubs and institutions in and around London.

The course has a good mix of scientific concepts (which form the foundations of learning) and highly topical ideas and practices that can be seen in elite level sport.

Lectures and smaller seminars were structured well and encouraged me to challenge what I had learnt (or thought I knew) in a comfortable environment.

Each academic year became more exciting and interesting; the consistent support and opportunities from staff ensured I was constantly developing as an S&C student and coach.

I was able to apply my knowledge through the constant stream of high-quality student placements that were advertised and recommend by lecturers.

The support and encouragement from lecturers gave me the confidence to start coaching at a large sports team within my first four months of studying.

Currently, I’m working as a performance coach for a high-performance company and coaching at a semi-professional rugby club that I've worked with for over a year now. As well as this, I’ve recently been offered two jobs directly from work that I've previously done.

My last six months at the university were spent working as an assistant strength and conditioning coach at the Royal Ballet School. An exciting opportunity arose and I was fortunate to be offered a studentship that will now see me working with the Royal Ballet School as a Strength and Conditioning Coach, whilst completing a postgraduate research degree at St Mary’s. 

I developed massively from my first day at St Mary's through to the day I graduated. Through the tools and contacts I've gained from St Mary's, I know I'll continue to develop for a long time.

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