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Booking an Appointment

The Careers Service offers appointments and services both in person and digitally via Zoom (including mock interviews).

In some cases it may also be possible to offer appointments by phone (please state if this is your preference). For in person appointments we are located in the Library and you can also book in person via the Student Hub.

Book an appointment

Types of appointments

In-Person 1-1 appointments (available all day Mon-Fri)

Students and registered Graduates can book these appointments by logging in to CareerConnect or by contacting (20 minutes).

Zoom, Telephone or Email appointments (available on request)

Please email to book these appointments (20 minutes). Please note: For Zoom appointments, we will send you a bespoke link to follow to enter your appointment. Please click on this link 2-3 minutes before your appointment is due to start to set things up. For telephone appointments please state in your email to if this is your preference and provide your preferred phone number.

Careers Discussion

These are booked on the recommendation of the Careers Consultant once you have had a 20-minute one-to-one appointment (1 hour).

Practice Mock Interview

Please email the careers team at to book a practice interview (1 hour).

These appointments are available for all students, graduates and staff of St Mary's University.​

What to expect in your appointment

Careers appointments are designed to help you move forward in your career thinking and readiness. The Careers Service will not tell you what to do or make decisions for you, instead we will guide you towards finding the answers for yourself by asking questions to draw out your own ideas and signposting you to resources to help you move forward. We want you to be able to develop a career path that is sustainable and rewarding for you, one that you will be able to manage independently once you leave university. ​ ​

You can use the Careers Service throughout your studies and after you graduate so it is likely that you will have more than one appointment with us.  If you have any other questions about what to expect, you can direct your questions to the person on the front desk within the Careers Service and they will be happy to help.​

How to prepare for your appointment

CV, application and personal statement reviews

If you are booking an appointment to have your CV, cover letter, job application form or personal statement reviewed, please also send an electronic Word version of the document, along with the job description or course details, in advance to  

Mock interviews

If you are booking a mock interview, please send the job description and your application in advance to, so we can tailor the interview for the role you have applied to. You can also use our Interview Stream software for practice video interviews (login with your St Mary's email).

Keeping your information confidential

We comply fully with the St Mary's University Data Protection Policy. We also ensure that all appointments are confidential and you can read more about this in our confidentiality statement.

The Careers Service also upholds the AGCAS Code of Practice on Guidance, which offers guidelines and policies to ensure Impartiality, Confidentiality, Individual Ownership, Equality of Opportunity, Transparency and Accessibility.​