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St Mary's Award

The award is an opportuntity to reflect on and gain recognition for the skills you have already gained  at university.

In addition, it includes a range of career development activities designed to make sure you are on the right track to gaining a role in your chosen career.

What does the St Mary's Award involve?

 Exploring opportunities 

  • explore jobs in your chosen sector
  • engage in a careers conversation with an employer

Reflecting on your experiences

  • audit the skills you have gained so far
  • reflect on the skills you have gained in activities such as, academic work, part-time work, interships, volunteering and participating in clubs and societies 
  • this is completed with the support of Careers Consultants and is excellent preparation for job applications

Support to execute your careers plan

  • perfect your CV with the support of a Careers Consultant 
  • undertake a mock video interview

How do I complete the St Mary's Award?

Visit our Moodle pages, these will:

  • guide you through the process of the award from enrollment to completion
  • give you examples of submissions and resources to support your reflections

 Any questions: