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Learning practical business skills at St Mary's Business School

Studying at St Marys gives you the chance to learn the theory and get the practical experience from industry professionals.

Guaranteed placements, and a study abroad option

We guarantee all our students a placement to put their skills to use in a real business context. This helps you apply the lessons you learn in the lectures, and start to develop your own business network.

You can also choose to do part of your course abroad. You can go to one of the universities we have arrangements with, or our study abroad team can help you set up an overseas study placement of your own.

One to one mentoring  

One of the reasons students come to St Mary’s for business courses is the innovative use of mentors. Most of the lecturers are still active in the marketing and business worlds, and have extensive personal networks of contacts.

We use these contacts to find a range of mentors to guide students through their course, and give input to the students as they plan and write their assessments.

We do this using LinkedInso students can benefit from virtual mentors, as well as learning how to build a professional presence on LinkedIn. As LinkedIn is one of the top recruitment platforms it helps them get their first step on the professional ladder.

We have enough mentors for each student to have the choice of who they would like to work with. Some students have visit their mentor’s offices, and been given careers advice.