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Business Management and Psychology

Business Management

The world needs good managers. It needs them at every level, whether managing day-to-day business operations or in the headquarters of businesses, government or charities. If you want to climb the corporate ladder of an international organisation developing managerial concepts, skills and disciplines will be critical to that ambition.

This Business Management course has been designed by an experienced team of academics, many of whom have experience of working as managers in a variety of industry sectors. The degree takes into account what employers and industry experts expect from new management recruits.

This degree gives you the knowledge and skills needed to be a successful manager, in private, public or charitable sectors throughout the world. It builds on contemporary management skills and approaches, giving you everything needed to secure and succeed in your first management job. We aim to give you practical experience through our extensive placement and mentoring programmes, which will equip you with hands-on skills and guidance from industry professionals.

Completion of the degree leads to dual accreditation: Bachelor's Honours degree and Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership awarded by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). 

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A Psychology degree provides you with a scientific understanding of human experience, including behaviour, mental processes, emotions and development. This will prepare you for starting your career working directly in psychology-based jobs. These include counselling, clinical work, education, and mental health work.

A degree in psychology will make you attractive to employers for roles working with people and positions requiring good communication, relationship and data analysis skills. Psychology therefore provides superb preparation for a wide range of other career paths.

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british-psychological-society-webBritish Psychological Society accreditation

The BSc Psychology programme is accredited by the British Psychological Society. However, as a joint honours student you will need to major in Psychology to gain the accrediation.

If you study both subjects equally - or major in your other subject - you will graduate in Psychological Studies instead of Psychology. Psychological Studies is not accredited by the British Psychological Society.

UCAS codes

  • Business Management and Psychological Studies: NC28
    No BPS accreditation available
  • Business Management with Psychological Studies: NC29
    No BPS accreditation available
  • Psychology with Business Management: NC30
    BPS accreditation available