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English and Philosophy


Studying English literature and language is a way of engaging with the world; with history, philosophy, culture and the mind.

Students will discover that the multiple contexts of literature expand as they read through an undergraduate degree.

The critical writing that is so much a part of an English programme trains students to evaluate diverse forms of argument and evidence, a difficult skill greatly valued in a wide range of career pathways.

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Have you ever wondered: What makes any act good or just? What it is to know, and what it is to believe? Is it possible to really put yourself in the position of someone else?

Philosophers ask questions about what lies behind our everyday reality. Our Philosophy programme offers you the opportunity to explore such questions in a variety of traditions and periods. 

Studying Philosophy will enable you to develop skills of independent and critical thought. It teaches you to be creative and insightful when engaging with problems and questions wherever you find them; be that in classroom debates, everyday life or the wider public sphere.

BA Philosophy puts you in a position to succeed in a wide variety of careers. Analytical thinking and creativity are highly appreciated in business, journalism, local government, care and social work, education, the civil service, the legal profession, and elsewhere.

Topics on the degree programme include philosophical dialogue, philosophy of science and technology, philosophy of emotions, philosophy of mind, aesthetics, philosophy and literature, philosophy and popular culture, as well as core topics in the history of philosophy.

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UCAS Code: QV35