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English Literature and Education Studies

UCAS Code: X393

English Literature

When you study literature you are not just reading and thinking about great books, you are also asking questions about society’s past and future, and ultimately interrogating your own past and future.

Our English team at St Mary’s boasts strong expertise in the interconnections between literary texts and their social, historical, political and national contexts. This is reflected in the modules that we offer, which allow you to interrogate, alongside the texts themselves, the intricate and fascinating cultural backdrops that are informing what we read. Alongside canonical works, you will have the opportunity to engage with underrepresented authors and unconventional literary forms, enabling you to broaden your understanding of the far-reaching meanings attached to the term ‘Literature’.

We place a unique emphasis on the relationship between literature and place. This way of studying English is brilliantly complemented by the surroundings of our campus, which are steeped in literary history. Our campus is located within the grounds of Strawberry Hill House, a historically vibrant hub of literary, artistic and theatrical activity. Once home to renowned gothic author Horace Walpole, the house hosted extravagant literary gatherings and private theatricals, and was designed to inspire Walpole’s own gothic writing. Studying English within these hugely inspiring surroundings makes for a fully immersive and geographically distinct learning experience, which is entirely unique to English at St Mary’s.

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Education Studies

A degree in Education Studies will set you up for a career to work with children in a range of settings. The programme will give you the skills and knowledge for a range of careers including, teaching, social work, education policy, welfare and working with children and families.

Throughout the degree, you will be taught using real-world case studies that are relevant to education. You'll explore the value and purpose of education and address key issues such as social justice and educational/social disadvantage. 

The degree will equip you with a range of transferable skills that are highly valued by all employers.

You will be able to choose modules that include work experience opportunities. These placements will allow you to gain practical insights and apply what you learn to a professional setting.

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