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From making the most of Open Days to what not to put in your Personal Statements, or even how to survive your first night in halls or top tips for making friends as a commuting student, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about student life and university applications.

Join Nancy, Meg, and a range of guests, as they take you through the most exciting journey of your life.

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Latest episode

BONUS EPISODE: UCAS Deadline Special

UniCast is back for a special bonus episode before the UCAS Deadline. If you are adding the finishing touches to your application, then this is the episode for you. Nancy and Meg are joined by Madip, Charlotte and Rachel to talk about the best personal statements they’ve read this year and their tips for making yours the best it can be before you submit your application.

Episode 6: All About Accommodation

In Episode Six of UniCast, Nancy and Meg catch up with recent graduate Daniella to find out all about accommodation. If you want to know more about what its like living in halls, tips for looking around accommodation and advise for how to look at universities if you have a disability, then this is the episode for you.

Episode 5: Perfect Personal Statements

This week Meg and Nancy are talking Personal Statements. They're joined by current students Diana and Adi to talk about how they wrote theirs, top tips for getting the most out of the word count and how to avoid cliches. If you're currently writing yours, need motivation to get started yet or in the midst of proof reading, this is the podcast for you.

Episode 4: Moving to Uni

This week Nancy and Meg are talking all things moving to uni. Meg is joined by Kristen, the Head of International at St Mary's, to find out more about what it's like for international students to move to a UK university and about Study Abroad opportunities, and how they work. Nancy meanwhile is joined by Student Support Officers Felicity and Mike to talk about starting at uni, life in halls and living on campus, and the support systems available to students.

Episode 3: Getting to know all about SMSU

Everyone has heard about Students' Unions, but you do you know what a Students' Union actually does? To help bring you up to speed, Meg and Nancy are joined by Ahmed, Vic and Tayla - the 2021 Sabbatical Officer Team at St Mary's University. They'll be myth busting and telling you how to get the most out of student life, how you can get involved in your students' union and what their plans are for the year ahead.

Episode 2: Get open day ready

Are you getting ready for your first university open days? We've got you covered in this episode of UniCast. Nancy and Meg will be taking you along with them on a real university Open Day to help demystify the process and get you ready for your first university Open Days.

Episode 1: Top tips for results day

In the first episode of UniCast, Nancy and Meg are talking all things A-Level Results Day. They'll be dubunking results day myths and are joined by Emily, who recently graduated from St Mary's and gives her top tips for picking a university.

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