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Sport Rehabilitation (Pre-Registration) MSc

Congratulations on securing your place on the MSc in Sport Rehabilitation at St Marys University.

Over the next two years you will be studying a range of topics, and will have the opportunity to integrate and enhance your learning with a number of placement experiences.

In terms of preparing for the course before arrival, I would suggest that you review your anatomy, physiology and scientific/academic writing (eg Research Methods). A good understanding of these concepts will put you in a better position to be able to apply the knowledge you learn whilst studying here in a clinical fashion.

Whilst books are very useful (key recommendations below), for Master's level study I suggest you use journal articles as your main resource. This will enable you to explore the depths of the subject area in a level required for discussion in class. Useful text books include:

  • Moore KL, Dalley AF, Agur AMR. (2013). Clinically Oriented Anatomy. 7th Edition. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins: Baltimore, MD.
  • Prentice, W, Principles of Athletic Training. 10th- 16th Edition. McGRaw-Hill Education: New York NY
  • Patton,K, Mosby’s Hanbook of Anatomy and & Physiology (Sections I, II, and III), Elsevier

Download your welcome letter

Your induction timetable

You will start with the sport rehabilitation team on Tuesday 10th September for a day of induction activities and registration.

As part of the Induction Week MSc Sport Rehabilitation Students are invited to attend a study skills course at an Outdoor Education Centre on Tuesday 10th September 2019 (see attached letter).The trip will involve a series of group tasks that will not only introduce students to each other but develop your professional skills of communication, team work and reasoning.

A more formal introduction to the programme will take place Friday 13th.

  • Sunday 8th September, 8am-6pmRegistration open
  • Monday 9th September, 9am-5pmRegistration open
  • Tuesday 10th September, 9am-7pmRegistration open
  • Tuesday 10th September, 8.45amExternal field trip: Thames Young Mariners
    • View field trip letter
    • Download field trip medical form
  • Tuesday 10th September, 4pm: BBQ (Outside the SU bar)
  • Friday 13th September, 9.30-11amWelcome (PEC)

There will be lots of other activities going on during the first couple of weeks. Make sure you check out the welcome events calendar.