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New to St Mary's in 2019/20? Please check our registration process for new students.

Before you return to St Mary's in September, you'll need to have completed online registration in full

Please check and update your personal details and pay or commit to paying for fees.

Postgraduate students: please ensure you know which modules you will be studying prior to registering.

By completing Online Registration you are agreeing to follow all of our policies and procedures throughout your time at St Mary’s. These can be found by going to SIMMSpace and clicking on “University Policies and Procedures” and “Fees Office/Pay Fees Online”.

Begin online registration

How to pay your fees

There are three main ways to pay your fees:

Student loan

If you are funding your tuition fees using a Student Loan you will need your Student Finance Payment Advice to hand in order to fill in the Student Support Number and complete online registration. The Student Support Number is typically printed on the second page of your Student Finance Summary and usually begins with SFDU.

If you are an undergraduate student and do not complete your online registration by Friday 6th September 2019 your student loan will be delayed at the beginning of term. Please ensure you have also signed and returned your Declaration to Student Finance. This can be done online via the link provided by Student Finance. Failure to do so will delay your student loan from being released.

Please ensure you have also signed and returned your Declaration to Student Finance.


If your fees are being paid by a sponsor, you will need the sponsor's contact details to hand in order to be able to complete the Online Registration process.

A copy of your sponsor letter, on headed paper, must be scanned and uploaded when completing Online Registration.

Self pay

If you are paying your tuition fees yourself (self-payer), please follow the instructions in Online Registration.

Postgraduate students: once you have registered online your modules will not be automatically uploaded to Moodle (formally known as MyModules). There will be a slight delay.