Why study Bioethics and Medical Law?

Individuals and institutions in healthcare are increasingly called to account for their decisions.

Bioethics is relevant to all our lives. Even if we never work in healthcare it touches us when we are most vulnerable - when we or those we care for are unwell.

Whether assisted dying, stem cell therapies or three-parent IVF, bioethics is also often in the news and having a greater understanding of the issues involved can enable more in-depth public engagement.

Reflection on the ethical principles that underlie medical and allied practice is an important part of continuing career development for healthcare professionals. Almost every day, it seems some new ethical dilemma appears in the news; whether to do with stem cell research, assisted suicide, resource allocation, nanotechnologies, human cloning or health and climate change.

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Why St Mary's?

It is often said, "bioethics is moral philosophy done badly".

At St Mary's our multidisciplinary team of ethics experts with backgrounds in law, medicine, philosophy and theology ensure that every student has a chance to gain a thorough understanding of the grounding of ethical principles and their application.

The success of our students - in completing PhDs, getting papers published and advancing their careers in biomedical ethics and related fields - bears out the effectiveness of this approach.

Mode of Study: Full-time (One year) or Part-time (Two or three years). On-site or blended distance learning.
Also Available As: Postgraduate Diploma; Postgraduate Certificate

A Student View

Christina LambChristina Lamb
"The Masters in Bioethics offered by St Mary's is one of the best of its kind. The staggering amount of significant material conveyed in this degree is at once relevant, stimulating, challenging and enlightening. I am extremely grateful for this outstanding course curriculum, and the astute expertise of the faculty behind it who make every effort to promote thought-provoking analysis as well as a structured foundation to understanding the complex world of Bioethics. My professional practice is all the better for it and it has, without a doubt,prepared me to face the challenges of healthcare ethics in such a way that I would be almost at loss without it."

The deadline for postgraduate applications for 2016 entry is Sunday 31st July.
In some instances we may be able to accept applications after this date.