An exploration of literature, thought and language, and the varieties of ways they help us to understand the world.

Why study English?

Studying English literature and language is a way of engaging with the world; with history, philosophy, culture and the mind.

Students will discover that the multiple contexts of literature expand as they read through an undergraduate degree.

The critical writing that is so much a part of an English programme trains students to evaluate diverse forms of argument and evidence, a difficult skill greatly valued in a wide range of career pathways.

Why St Mary's?

English at St Mary’s has a strong research profile that is matched by a strong and sympathetic commitment to our students. This is reflected year after year in the national student satisfaction survey.

Our students get grounding in the study of language and in diverse periods and genres of English literature. There is a focus on particular fields of interest that can be narrowed and sharpened as students progress.

St Mary’s has a range of International exchange programmes, and students in English frequently take up the option of spending a semester abroad in the United States or Germany, with no extra cost in tuition.

A Student View

Joseph Smith
"I thoroughly enjoyed the English programme at St Mary's. The course offers a wide range of modules and the teaching staff are amazing - they really get to know you and are so supportive. If I could go back and do it all again, I would."

Arts and Humanities NSS results 2015

English at St Mary's scored 100% for Overall Satisfaction in the 2015 National Student Survey.

The programme was also rated 100% for being well organised and intellectually stimulating.

The joint honours combination of English with Education and Social Science received 100% Overall Satisfaction.