"Philosophy begins in wonder. And, at the end, when philosophical thought has done its best, the wonder remains."- Alfred North Whitehead

Why study Philosophy?

Have you ever wondered: What makes any act good or just? What it is to know, and what it is to believe? Whether it is possible to really put yourself in the position of someone else?

Philosophers ask questions about what lies behind our everyday reality. The Philosophy Programme offers students the opportunity to explore such questions in a variety of traditions and periods.

Studying philosophy will enable you to develop skills of independent and critical thought. It encourages you to be creative when engaging with issues and questions of contemporary culture and debate.

Why St Mary's?

Philosophy at St Mary's starts at the beginning and helps students to see how philosophy emerged as a distinct undertaking.

Students are encouraged to think and debate, and to engage with their classmates and lecturers throughout their degree. Topics covered include dialogue, psychology, science, art, popular culture, and more. 

Philosophy graduates have gone on to work as accountants, in the civil service, in advertising, in information technology, in teaching, in marketing, in law, and in human resources management.

A Student View

Jessica Hall-Egan
"I thoroughly enjoyed Philosophy during sixth form and I wanted to further my knowledge of the subject at university. I received massive support from teachers who helped me get to know and understand the University and how it works. I'd recommend this course because I enjoy the lessons, teachers and the university life provided at St Mary's."

St Mary's course and employment stats

In the latest HESA Destinations of Leavers survey 95% of St Mary's students were employed or undertaking further study within six months of graduating.

St Mary's also scored 93% for teaching satisfaction and for 92% course satisfaction in the 2017 Guardian University Rankings.