Discussions about the divine and the human attempt to reflect and talk about the divine - "God conversations" if you like - have been going on since the dawn of human consciousness.

Why study Theology and Religious Studies?

G K Chesterton argues that religion advanced civilisation. It was religion that wrestled with the basic and ultimate significance of things, with the development and interpretation of symbols. This then advanced communication and knowledge, or what we call the arts and the sciences.

This programme will enable you to appreciate the complexity of the human quest for meaning and religion's contribution to this, which has been an integral part of human culture since the dawn of time. Theology and Religious Studies is a fascinating and stimulating programme that will help you to understand better the complex world in which we live and work.

Why St Mary's?

If you study at St Mary’s, you will be provided with opportunities to participate in international study tours - such as Rome or Jerusalem - and overseas study for a semester. There are also opportunities for workplace learning and internships.

The Theology department is always delighted when anybody wants to join theological discussion and we are always fascinated to hear people articulate the reasons they have for their interest in Theology and Religious Studies. The team has many years of wide-ranging academic and pastoral experience, which is key to the shape of the programme we offer.

A series of public lectures and debates are offered through Aquinas Centre for Educational Research and Theological Literacy. St Mary’s also offers the ‘Aquinas Award’ for students who have made a distinct contribution to St Mary’s values.

Theology and Religious Studies is central to the vision of St Mary’s for engaging with a complex and pluralistic world. You will join the programme at a wonderfully exciting and innovative time for us all.

A Student View

Max DurkinHolly CookMaximilian Ford and Holly Cook (Graduated in 2014)
"The University’s distinctive location in the London makes it a very attractive place and the programme draws on the rich resources of the city. The Theology and Religious Studies team boasts a number of national and international experts in their respective fields and their variety of interests and energy bring this programme alive."

Theology NSS results 2016

In the latest HESA Destinations of Leavers survey 95% of St Mary's students were employed or undertaking further study within six months of graduating.

Theology and Religious Studies scored 88% for overall satisfaction in the 2016 National Student Survey.