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Bridging Neoliberalism and Hindu Nationalism: The Role of Education in Bringing about Contemporary India

Date: Friday 10th February 2023

Time: 4:30pm to 5:30pm

Venue: Online via Zoom

A rewriting of history in new textbooks marked the beginning of the education policy of the Bharatiya Janata Party administration, which was promoted under the slogan "Indianize, nationalise, spiritualize." By discussing how the content is used to promote Hindu pride and disparage India's Muslim heritage, the seminar illustrates a divide between those who view India as a secular nation and those who wish to reconstruct it following Hindu lines. Depending on which party controlled state governments between 2004 and 2019, it will show how textbooks turned into political football.

This seminar is based on the book of the same title, co-authored with Prof Marie Lall. It will be of interest to academics and students who are interested in politics and education in contemporary India.

Biography of speaker

Dr Kusha Anand is an Associate Lecturer at the UCL Institute of Education, University College London. She has recently been involved in a number of interdisciplinary research projects focusing on minorities, refugees, and migrants in the UK. In India, she has conducted research on education reforms for more than a decade.

Her research on the recent education reforms in India’s capital has been published as an open-access book, Delhi's Education Revolution: Teachers, Agency and Inclusion. Her doctoral research has also been published as a book titled Teaching India-Pakistan Relations.

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