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The Centre for Marian Studies Research Seminar

Date: Wednesday 13th December 2023

Time: 3:00pm to 3:00pm

Venue: Online via Zoom

Women at the centre - A feminist art-theological exploration of women in Christian art

In this seminar Ninnaku Oberholzer (King’s College London) will share her postgraduate research on art as a hermeneutical approach to scripture in Reformation Period Christian art. She will explore how art in conversation with scripture might enlighten and challenge traditional readings, with the Virgin Mary playing a key role in such an approach.

Her presentation will examine Annibale Carracci’s ‘The Dead Christ Lamented’ (popularly known as ‘The Three Maries’) in conversation with John’s account of Jesus’ deposition and burial (19:38-42).

She will discuss how the Johannine theology of the incarnation and Carracci’s painting are mutually illuminating and highlight the importance of Mary in understanding the familial and communal language in John.

In contextualising the theme of female community within our modern society, Elizabeth Frink’s ‘Walking Madonna’ will be brought into the conversation. Through Frink’s modern interpretation of Mary, the themes of the incarnation, female community, and family found in Carracci and John’s Gospel will be further explored.

To join the audience, please register for the free Zoom link by sending an email to Catherine O’Brien:

This is the third of a new series of online research seminars organised by the Centre for Marian Studies at St Mary’s University.  

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