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St Mary's Academic Publishes Book on Britain’s Future

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Professor of Finance, Public Policy and Ethics at St Mary’s University, Twickenham Philip Booth has authored a book on the future of a devolved Britain. The book entitled Federal Britain: the case for decentralisation proposes that the UK should develop a federal structure of government with limited responsibilities being held the UK government. Exploring the role that over-centralisation plays in economic growth, the book argues that with localised regulation, taxation, and spending responsibilities, GDP could raise by 6% per capita. Speaking on the book, Prof Booth said, “The UK’s approach to devolution is incoherent and unstable. It’s clear that the only long-term stable solution is to create a proper federal state with a very small number of powers held at UK level. All other issues should be the responsibility of separate governments in Scotland and the Rest of the UK (or England, Wales and Northern Ireland). There should then be a sweeping decentralisation of regulation, tax and spending powers to local government. With very few exceptions, each layer of government must raise what it spends.” Prof Booth joined St Mary’s in May 2015 to inform, develop and contribute to the curriculum, research and knowledge transfer activities within the School of Management and Social Sciences and the wider university community, whilst continuing as Academic and Research Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs.
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