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Cyclists Discover how close they are to Winning the World's Biggest Bike Race at St Mary's

Based in the Performance Lab in Sport and Health Services at St Mary’s University, Twickenham, Pinarello Performance offers riders at any level a unique insight into their performance data to see how they stack up in comparison Tour de France winner Chris Froome. Scientists from St Mary’s tested the cyclists body composition, submaximal aerobic profile, and maximal aerobic profile, before they took part in a one-to-one elite coaching session. These are the same tests as those of a professional rider. Through their own performance and then comparing it to Froome customers gained first hand appreciation of the levels needed to win the world’s biggest bike race. Fausto Pinarello, CEO of Pinarello, said of the new concept: “Pinarello Performance offers an opportunity for people to understand what makes them the cyclist that they are and how they could improve. Anyone can offer advice and training programmes, but we are all different physiologically. What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for us all. This new offering provides access to pro level expertise and services normally reserved for elite level athletes.”  

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