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St Mary's Academics Consulted by Prime Minister's Taskforce on Modern Slavery

Director of the Centre for the Study of Modern Slavery (CSMS) at St Mary’s University, Twickenham Dr Sasha Jesperson and Deputy Director Dr Carole Murphy were invited to advise the Policy Unit at 10 Downing Street on November 4th. During the consultation they shared their emerging analysis on modern slavery to inform the work of the new Taskforce on Modern Slavery. Identified as a key partner to the Taskforce, the Centre will continue to provide evidence to support the policy response to modern slavery. Speaking of the consultation Sasha said, “The taskforce is essential for promoting a cross-Whitehall approach to tackle this multi-faceted challenge. From a detailed intelligence picture of the networks that facilitate slavery and trafficking, to upstream initiatives to prevent slavery and support vulnerable individuals, the weight of a joined up approach is considerable. “The poor evidence base remains a challenge to effectively stamping out modern slavery however. There is still much we don’t know, from an understanding of the organised crime groups behind modern slavery to what kinds of development programming are effective at preventing slavery and human trafficking. At CSMS we are committed to researching and raising the public profile of the crime of modern slavery.” The Prime Minister announced the taskforce on the anniversary of the Modern Slavery Act in July 2016. The Modern Slavery Taskforce brings together the Joint Intelligence Committee alongside government departments including the Department for International Development (DfID), the Home Office, Communities and Justice, as well as specialist bodies such as the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, and the Gangmasters Licensing Authority.

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