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Top Five Reasons to do a Postgraduate Degree

To find out how a postgraduate degree at St Mary’s University, Twickenham can help you go further you can read our top five reasons here.

Postgraduate education gives you the opportunity to further your academic horizons and boost your employability. To find out how a postgraduate degree at St Mary’s University, Twickenham can help you go further you can read our top five reasons below, and don't miss our next open evening on Thursday 18th Feb. 1. Discover More About a Topic Students often find that after completing their undergraduate degree they are left wanting to find out more about some of the topics that they came across in their studies. A postgraduate degree will allow you to focus on the very specific topics you loved and lets you push the extent of your academic understanding within a subject. 2. Improve Career Prospects Aside from providing brilliant intellectual stimulus, a postgraduate degree vastly improves your prospects. Employers value the experience that postgraduate qualified applicants bring to a job and it can be the vital element that separates two prospective candidates. It can also be the stepping-stone needed to pursue a specific vocation with in some sectors, such as education, which require a postgraduate qualification 3. Research Further The final year dissertation is often dreaded until it’s completed, when all too often students discover that they have a passion for research. A postgraduate degree will allow you to develop your research skills and research the subjects that interest you. Universities can provide students with access to equipment, support, and expertise not available outside of postgraduate education. 4. Changing Career and Retraining If you want a fresh challenge, taking a postgraduate course can also be a great way for you to enter a new career. A postgraduate qualification can offer valuable practical training and be useful in equipping you with the specific skill sets required to enter a new career. 5. It Has Never Been Easier One of the biggest concerns that you might be facing when you consider a postgraduate course is funding. Fortunately from the 2016/17 academic year, you can apply for a government loan of up to £10,000 to cover the cost of your postgraduate studies. If you are currently working, employers will often give full or partial support if it will help develop them professionally. Many educational trusts and charities also offer financial assistance to students from all backgrounds. To find out more please read the St Mary’s Money Matters website.  

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