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Education and teaching research

Diverse areas of research are undertaken by individuals working independently or collaboratively across the School. We cover curriculum, pedagogical, leadership, policy, pastoral, and spiritual domains and the research sits in Centres and Clusters representative of that diversity. 

Much of the education research rests in the research Clusters and represents key curriculum subjects such as mathematics and science, leadership themes including practitioner research and pedagogical/pastoral approaches in education such as wellbeing and religious education.  

Research centres

The Aquinas Centre for Theological Literacy

Committed to the founding principles of the University itself, the Centre is operates at the interface of research and practice in Catholic education understood principally in the context of schools, colleges and parishes, but also by necessity in dialogue with the wider social and cultural matrices of our time. Find out more...

Centre for Research and Development in Catholic Education

CRDCE exists to support the work of Catholic schools and colleges, nationally and internationally by the publication of staff development texts on various themes.  Find out more...

Research news

St Mary’s Academic appointed Thematic Expert in Education of the United Nations Catholic-inspired NGO Think Tank

Academic from St Mary’s University, Twickenham Dr John Lydon recently attended the first meeting of the Thematic Experts Group of the United Nations Catholic-inspired International Forum where he has been appointed as an expert for education. Read more...

St Mary's Academics Present at International Teaching Conference

Four Academics from St Mary’s University, Twickenham presented their latest research at the sixth International Teaching Games for Understanding Conference (TGFU). Read more...