British Psychological Society Why study Applied Sport Psychology?

The MSc in Applied Sport Psychology is aimed at those wishing to develop a career in the area of sport psychology or wish to enhance their understanding and develop their skills in the area.

Over the previous 20 years there has been a gradual acceptance and involvement in psychology within sport at all levels. The application of psychology with sports performers and coaches has been rapid and continues to develop.

Recognising this, the professional bodies of both sport science and psychology (the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences and the British Psychology Society) have developed professional routes to recognition within the field.

The School of Sport, Health and Applied Science has five specialised laboratories, in addition to a £8 million sports centre.

Why St Mary's?

This Applied Sport Psychology postgraduate degree has been accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS). It is designed to enable students to attain professional recognition beyond the programme and to help those wishing to develop a career in sport psychology or aiming to enhance their understanding of the field.

The programme has a discipline-focussed curriculum, looking closely at developing knowledge and applied skills that are critical to practitioners.

Motor skills are an integral element of the programme, allowing students to enhance their ability to work closely with both performers and coaches.

The focus on sport and elite sporting performance at St Mary’s makes the University an ideal environment for students.

Mode of Study: Full-time (One year) or Part-time (Two years)
Also Available As: Postgraduate Diploma; Postgraduate Certificate

A Student View

Phoebe SandersPhoebe Sanders (Graduated in 2015)
"This course will do much more than teach you the theory, it will give you an understanding of how to do it in practice. When you are face to face with your first client, that will make all the difference.

"One of the best things for me has been the level of care and attention that the staff offer. I am still in regular contact with my thesis supervisor, who has been an incredible source of support and guidance even since I left the university.

"St Mary's also have fantastic contacts within various sports organisations, which allowed me to get a rare placement within a Premiership rugby club."

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