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Gifts in kind

We welcome gifts of assets other than money, shares or property and fully appreciate that it is often a more practical option to donate such items directly rather than realise their value and then donate the proceeds.

It is the University's policy, in the absence of any instruction to the contrary, to sell any such donated goods at the earliest opportunity and to apply the resultant funds to our development projects. 

Donors wishing to make conditions regarding the destination, housing or sale of such gifts should contact us in advance so that we can ensure that we can honour any such wish before accepting the gift. 

Some supporters may wish to donate items of practical use within the life of the University (such as IT equipment, books or archive materials) and these are also welcome.  Potential donors should again contact us prior to making any such gift to ensure that it is compatible with St Mary’s operational requirements.

 Whatever your support, be assured that we will be extremely grateful and will reflect the full value of your generosity in our recognition of your gift.