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St Mary's Stories – share your experience

More than 30 St Mary’s alumni who graduated from the University between 1961 up to the present day have taken the time to share their story about their time at St Mary’s, their subsequent career development and how their time at university shaped their future. 


Students from a multitude of disciplines have been in touch so far, with degrees ranging from Geography, Media Arts, Sociology, Drama & Theatre Studies and English, Theology & Religious Studies to Psychology, Primary Education, Biology & Movement Studies and Sport Science. 

The responses so far have been incredible and are insightful reading for current students and new graduates alike. Employability Services is in the process of creating posters around campus and on social media to showcase the range of opportunities available to a St Mary’s graduate. 

Some interesting trends have surfaced from studying the responses. In particular, a large majority of those surveyed, when asked about activities they did in addition to their studies that helped prepare them for the world of work, advocated part-time jobs, volunteering and engagement with sports and societies as useful for transferable skill-building and networking opportunities. 

This was regardless of how closely these activities related to the degree subject. This trend was almost universal, with those from differing age brackets, backgrounds and disciplines echoing one another on the matter. As one such alumnus put it: 

“I was treasurer and an active participant in a few societies, which helped me land a job in the financeworld. The meditation and other activities aided my transition into working in complimentary therapy”. 

Going forward, we hope to collect more insights from other St Mary’s alumni and continue this way of bringing our current students invaluable and engaging advice. 

Alumni who would like to take the survey and share their career journey and experiences with current students can complete the survey online.

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