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St Mary’s launches new undergraduate courses for 2018

New undergraduate degrees in Communications, Politics and English are at the heart of an exciting and innovative new programme of courses at St Mary’s University.

New undergraduate degrees in Communications, Politics and English are at the heart of an exciting and innovative new programme of courses at St Mary’s University.

All courses will be taking students from September 2018, with applications open now. Details are listed below, or you can find out more and visit our campus, at one of our upcoming open days.

New Communications courses

The phenomenal growth of the communications and marketing industries presents a huge opportunity for graduates, equipped with the correct skills and knowledge, to make an impact in a wide variety of industries and professions.

Our ambitious Communications degrees – designed in consultation with leading figures in the marketing and communications industries – aim to give students the most up-to-date and effective insight into the world of media relations, the business of marketing and its application in the modern workplace.

More details about individual degrees can be found on our course pages:

New Politics courses

Our new politics courses will help students develop a reflective understanding of the world of politics, communications and policy in a local, national and international context. Learn about the key theories, ideologies and developments that shape the current political climate in the UK and overseas.

Our Politics and International Relations degree programme will help you develop communication, critical thinking and research skills that will equip you to pursue diplomatic, developmental and political careers, and reach executive positions.

The new Politics, Policy and Public Management degree will empower you to be a public leader and a changemaker who understands the significance of public service and innovation. You will develop analytical, leadership and management skills through experience in political, policy-making, and project management in local, national and global contexts.

Our Politics and Communications degree will support you in becoming a highly knowledgeable and skilled communicator, with a practical understanding of how to operate in a digital world with multiple audiences, niches and trends. The course will also provide you with the skills required to be a committed political and social communicator, enabling you to translate key communication concepts and strategies to public service, political and policy contexts.

Course details:

New English courses

English at St Mary’s combines the best of the rigorous study of Literature with opportunities to explore the English Language, and gain a valuable vocational qualification in teaching English as a foreign language (CELTA). 

The basis for all the English programmes at St Mary’s, is the study of literature from the Renaissance to the present day. Core teaching in Tragedy, Critical Theory, Renaissance culture, including Shakespeare, Romanticism and Modernism, provide the knowledge and skills for you to become an expert in the analysis of text and culture.

Our English Literature degree offers students the chance to investigate all aspects of literature in depth, on our beautiful historic campus, in a friendly department where we value above all the ambitions and needs of the individual student.

The BA in English and Drama at St Mary’s provides the best of an education in English Literature with opportunities to develop your knowledge of performance in theory and practice. Unlike like most degrees in these two subjects, this is a ‘Single Honours’ programme, meaning that it has been designed from the ground up so that the two disciplines – English Literature and Drama – feed off each other in creative and practical ways.

Course details:

Film and Digital Production BA (Hons)

Our Film and Digital Production degree will provide you with knowledge and understanding of the history of moving image and the traditional background of film theory. Through work experience and professional practice, you will develop skills relevant to film production and screenwriting, as well as related screen media and promotional industries. During the course, you will undertake a comprehensive programme of professional development throughout.

Design and Visual Communication BA (Hons)

Our Design and Visual Communication degree offers a highly focused, practice-based programme of study that both challenges and develops aspiring graphic designers in a range of inter-related disciplines. 

A commitment to the fundamental skills of creative problem solving sits at the heart of this programme. Designers within a modern, global information economy need to not just create beautiful and effective visuals, but also communicate story and meaning in ways that can be widely understood.

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