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Arrangements for starting at St Mary's in September

Key points

Short on time now? Do make time to read the detail but here are the top 5 takeaways:

  1. We will put the safety of our students and staff first in accordance with the latest Government guidance.
  2. Our aim is to provide you with a student experience that is as close to normal as possible.
  3. We intend to deliver as much of our teaching in-person where we can, only using online when we must and where it can enhance your learning.
  4. Our student accommodation will be open and managed in line with current best ‘Covid-safety’ practice.
  5. This information reflects our planning in terms of what we know now. Understandably, we could be required to change our plans in response to future government guidance but we’ll keep you regularly updated.

Results day: 13th August 2020

When you get your results, we will be taking into account all of your qualities along with your final qualifications. We have made you an offer as we believe that you are capable of benefiting from a St Mary’s education and we also recognise that this has been a difficult year in which to be completing your 6th form or college studies.

As a smaller university, we are able to spend time considering the offers we make to our applicants and we recognise the thought and research that you have put in to making St Mary’s one of your choices.

Arrangements for starting at St Mary’s in September

The first day of teaching for most courses will be 28th September 2020, so you will not need to be on campus until then. How the academic year starts will, of course, depend on UK Government and public health guidance at the time.

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We will provide you with what you need to get started via our online induction week programme beginning 21st September and we’ll send you more details about this soon. You’ll also receive enrolment details from us prior to arrival and we’re adapting our usual processes so that you can enrol online in August.

What will teaching be like?

In short, we are committed to starting the new academic year by being on campus for what we can and only online for what we must in order to keep you safe. So long as the national situation in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak continues to improve, we expect to be able to teach you on campus by the start of the term.

We intend to run as much in-person teaching as possible where we can do so safely. 

A benefit of being a smaller university is that for most subject areas we have fewer students per class than other universities. We hope that this will enable us to still teach most classes face-to-face.

To enhance your learning experience and facilitate social distancing, though, we will also be filming all lectures in real-time and will stream them online to students who are unable to attend in person. This ‘lecture capture’ technology means that you will also be able watch them on ‘playback’ – a great thing when you’re trying to remember an important point that you may not have captured in your notes.

Will the Library be open?

We will ensure you can still benefit from access to all the learning resources and, where safely possible, specialist equipment spaces. Our library will be open and you will have access to extensive online learning resources including journals, articles and books.

Our computer suites will also still be open and we will be putting in place protective equipment to ensure safe use of these spaces.

Can I still live in a room on campus?

Yes, our Halls of Residence will be open. The application portal for university accommodation is now open and all applicants who have made St Mary’s their firm choice will receive an email invitation to apply for a room in halls.

The deadline for applying for guaranteed accommodation is 30th June 2020 and rooms will be allocated in August.

What are you doing to make the campus safe?

We are introducing the following measures to keep our campus as ‘COVID-secure’ as possible:

  • An enhanced cleaning regime along with installation of facilities such as outdoor sinks, as well as easy access to hand sanitisers and wipes for computer equipment, desks and other frequently touched surfaces and objects.
  • Our eating areas will be regularly cleaned, equipped with sneeze screens, social distancing provision, a click and collect service and hand sanitiser to ensure students have the safest experience during their visit.
  • Careful management of the timetable, making full use of the teaching day, to minimise ‘peak density’ on campus.
  • Physical distancing within our campus, including increasing the distance between study spaces in such facilities as the Library
  • One-way circulation within buildings, wherever possible and appropriate.
  • The creation of more cycle hoops and car parking spaces.

Additionally, our student services will be operating at full capacity even if some of the support they offer needs to be virtual. We will be considering your welfare in all we do to support you in still being able to get the best student experience you can. After all, you’ve been planning to come and study with us for some time and we still want you to benefit, as much as possible, from everything we have to offer at St Mary’s.

How can I travel to campus?

If you plan to commute to the university each day, take a look at our commuter student information to explore travel options. If you prefer not to use public transport, some car parking is available on our main campus, with more spaces at our playing fields at Teddington Lock, within walking distance from campus. We do encourage our commuting students to walk or cycle where they can and there are plenty of bike racks for cyclists.

How safe is it in Twickenham?

We’re in a green part of London, with many parks and open spaces in addition to our own spacious campus. So you’ll be able to stay away from crowds when you choose as well as being able to enjoy the energy of central London (30 minutes away by train) when you like.

Keeping in touch

We’re here to support you in starting your university life and will write to you again as we develop more detail about starting with us in September.

We’ll keep you updated regularly via email as more Government advice determines how universities open up to operate safely and in the best interests of their students.

With warmest regards,

Anthony McClaran
St Mary’s University Twickenham

If you have any questions or concerns then please email us at