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We are a strong and welcoming community of students and staff and are committed to the highest standards in teaching across the wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses we offer. In addition, we have a vibrant research culture and environment.

I hope that you will find in these webpages all the information you need, and please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information or advice we can provide.

With all good wishes,

Francis Campbell

Our legal objects

“To advance education, in such manner as befits a Catholic foundation, by:

  • the provision, development and conduct of a Catholic institution of higher education; and

  • the provision of training and continuing professional development for teachers in both religious and secular schools, with special provision for those intending to teach in Catholic and other Christian schools.”

(Articles of Association of St Mary's University, Twickenham: approved by the Privy Council January 2014)

A Catholic foundation in higher education is understood as “an academic institution which in a rigorous and critical fashion assists in the advancement of human dignity and cultural heritage through research, teaching and services offered to local, national and international communities.”

(Source: Ex Corde Ecclesiae 1990 para 12: quoted in The Canon Law Society of Great Britain and Ireland The Canon Law: Letter and Spirit, p 442)