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St Mary’s is committed to providing our students with a transformational experience.

Offering strong support and intellectual challenge whilst they study with us and opportunities to be part of the wider St Mary’s community beyond their time here, we want our students to be highly skilled, informed and civically engaged. Vision 2030 sets out how we will do this, building on the successes of the past and setting our direction for the coming years.

In 2015, St Mary’s outlined some ambitious objectives for the next ten years. Thanks to our committed staff, we’ve achieved many of those goals. We’ve expanded our portfolio of courses, been granted the power to award research degrees, invested in new technology, grown our international student body and welcomed Mater Ecclesiae College alongside the University.

Now as we enter a new phase of the University’s growth, I believe it is time to revisit our ambitions and therefore, after consultation with our staff and students, we’ve refreshed our strategy to guide our actions for the next decade. Vision 2030 outlines our approach and forms the guiding structure for our supporting strategies, operating plans, and team and individual targets.

The vision comes at a decisive point in our institution’s (and indeed the world’s) history; the COVID-19 pandemic has been the greatest disruption we’ve faced in our lifetimes. However, despite the challenges, we’ve discovered new ways of working and teaching, and renewed our focus on living our values.

Vision 2030 reflects our optimism for the future of our institution. In 2025 we will celebrate our 175th anniversary. Our founders’ vision of education as an instrument for personal achievement and social equity is still very much alive and, I believe, more relevant than ever.

Anthony McClaranAnthony McClaran

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To achieve our vision, we have identified five pillars that will support our strategy:

1: Achieving student success

With a rich history in education, St Mary’s is committed to high quality delivery in education, research and the wider student experience. We will continue to provide an outstanding academic, sporting and social experience, to ensure our students flourish while they are with us, and beyond.

2: Developing our people

We seek to empower our staff to reach their full potential by developing a supportive, inclusive, collaborative and inspiring working environment. We want our staff and leadership to reflect and encompass the diversity of our student body and the wider community.

3: Extending our impact through growth

Through growth we can reach more students, employers and communities, and ensure the University’s sustainable future. We will expand our applied and professional programmes, and offer more flexible ways to learn.

4: Expanding our reach through partnership

We will identify organisations with whom we can work with to deliver shared goals. We will share our knowledge and expertise with other universities, further education colleges, and civic and sporting organisations at home and abroad.

5: Enhancing our sense of place

We treasure our historic campus and will continue to develop it as a safe space and to guard it for future generations. We will open up our work to the public and strive to have a positive impact in our local community. We will play a dynamic role in the educational,cultural, sporting and economic life of south west London.